Sold Out Sessions

Postgraduate Courses

C05: Hang Ten on These Waves - EEG Essentials for the Sleep Practitioner - SOLD OUT
C14: RLS Treatment Advances in the Post-Mainly-Dopamine Era - SOLD OUT

Lunch Debates

L01: The Synaptic Basis of Sleep Function: SHY vs. Synaptic Enhancement of Sleep - SOLD OUT
L02: Sleep Need: What is it and can it be Quantified? - SOLD OUT

Meet the Professors

M01: Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Pharmacologic Treatment of Chronic Insomnia in Adults - SOLD OUT
M02: Sleep Forensics and Criminology - SOLD OUT
M03: Surgical Evaluation and Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea - SOLD OUT
M04: The ABC's of MACRA - SOLD OUT
M05: Translating Circadian Biology into Health and Disease: Role of Chronotherapy - SOLD OUT
M06: Nightmare Disorder: When Patients are Scared to Sleep at Night - SOLD OUT
M07: Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Diagnostic Testing of OSA in Adults - SOLD OUT
M09: Increasing the Availability of Sleep Therapy to More Patients - SOLD OUT
M10: Improving Cardiovascular and Metabolic Outcomes with Insomnia Therapy - SOLD OUT
M11: Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome: Evaluation and Treatment - SOLD OUT
M13: Challenging Cases in Pediatric Sleep Medicine - SOLD OUT