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AG Industries

Booth Number: 1002
Phone Number: 800-875-3138?
Website: www.agindustries.com

AGI offers comfortable Pediatric NONNY, Adult Full Face MIRAN, & Nasal SOPORAtm Masks.  All masks feature replaceable medical grade silicone cushions.  In addition, AG offers RESPURA, a line of quality products, to enhance PAP user experience.  RESPURA CPAP Pillow, Mask Wipes, Tubing Hanger, Mask Stand, Gel Pad, and Cleaning Wand improve patient compliance.

Ambulatory Monitoring

Booth Number: 534
Contact Name: Linda Tavolacci

Contact Email: lindat@ambulatory-monitoring.com
Phone Number: (800) 341-0066
Website: www.ambulatory-monitoring.com
Product Link: Motionloggers

Ambulatory Monitoring, Inc. presents its line of Motionlogger Actigraphs backed by over 25 years of peer- reviewed validations demonstrating a consistently high agreement with polysomnography across numerous populations including normal, sleep disturbed, pediatric, adult and geriatric. Don't settle for actigraphs with no validation of their own or low specificity.

E-Top Union Inc.

Booth Number: 637

Contact Name: Michael Liu
Contact Email: query@leaddata.com.tw
Phone Number: 886-2-22988658
Website: www.u-wish.com.tw
Product Links: CPAP CP1, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

E-Top Union Inc. was established in 2006, our goal is to focus on development and sale of CPAP and related products. We expect to provide handy medical equipment with high quality to our customers and furthermore to benefit the global society.

Human Design Medical, LLC

Booth Number: 807

Contact Name: Steve Moore
Contact Email: steve.moore@hdmusa.com
Phone Number: (855) 436-8729
Website: http://www.hdmusa.com
Product Link: The Z1

Human Design Medical (HDM) focuses on delivering lifestyle medical devices that fit the way users live their lives. We believe that if we can deliver devices that are more lifestyle-friendly we can encourage usage and increase everyday compliance. The new Z1 Auto and Nitelog™ App offer complete therapy with daily-weekly-monthly feedback including AH Count, AH Index, Usage, Pressure and Leak in one of the world's smallest packages.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Booth Number: 301
Contact Name: Matt Wiley
Contact Email: matt.wiley@jazzpharma.com
Phone Number: 215-832-3753
Website: www.jazzpharma.com
Product Link: www.xyrem.com

Jazz Pharmaceuticals is a specialty biopharmaceutical company focused on improving patients' lives by identifying, developing and commercializing differentiated products that address unmet medical needs. The company has a diverse portfolio of products and/or product candidates in the areas of sleep, hematology/oncology, pain and psychiatry.  For more information please visit booth #635.

Nonin Medical, Inc.

Booth Number: 515
Contact Email: Info@nonin.com
Phone Number: (800) 356-8874
Website: www.nonin.com
Product Links:
Pulse Oximetry Solutions
Sensor Solutions
Capnography Solutions
OEM Solutions

Nonin Medical, the inventor of finger pulse oximetry, specializes in the design and manufacturing of noninvasive physiological monitoring solutions. Nonin distributes its pulse and regional oximeters, capnographs, sensors and software to healthcare professionals and consumers in more than 125 countries and has more that 300 OEM partners worldwide.

Philips Respironics

Booth Number: 601
Contact Name: Customer Service
Contact Email: Respironics.homecare.customerservice@philips.com
Phone Number: (800)-345-6443
Website: http://www.respironics.com/
Product Link: Pico

Philips, a global leader in the sleep and respiratory markets, is passionate about providing solutions that lead to healthier patients, healthier practices, and healthier businesses. For us, innovation is driven by gaining insight into the needs of the people who use our products in the areas of sleep apnea management, oxygen therapy, noninvasive ventilation and respiratory drug delivery.


Booth Number: 1007

Contact Name: Renee Swearengin
Contact Email: renee@revsuppliance.com
Phone Number: (405) 577-5024
Website: www.revsuppliance.com
Product Link: CPAP Resupply Solutions

Revsuppliance partners with HME companies to provide a complete CPAP resupply solution for their patients. Our priority is to help these providers maximize revenue from our proven resupply model, while providing the highest standard of customer service possible. Services include proprietary tracking software, live patient contact, inventory management, and direct patient shipments.

Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Booth Number: 613

Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of medicines to address unmet medical needs. Vanda is committed to providing education and awareness for schizophrenia and Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder (Non-24), a chronic circadian rhythm disorder.

Welltrinsic Sleep Network

Booth Number: 523
Contact Name: Mary Gelhausen
Contact Email: mgelhausen@welltrinsic.com
Phone Number: 331-481-4747
Website: www.welltrinsic.com
Welltrinsic is a national network of sleep physicians and accredited centers united to deliver high-quality, integrated care. We are a single solution connecting practice development, patient care, data management and insurance contracting. Network membership is intrinsic to the viability of your sleep practice in the changing healthcare landscape.


Booth Number: 604
ActiGraph is a leading provider of actigraphy monitoring hardware and software solutions for the global scientific community. ActiGraph’s innovative suite of Bluetooth enabled actigraphy monitors are among the most widely used and extensively validated devices of their kind, delivering objective and reliable sleep/wake and daily activity measures to clients in over 75 countries.

Activinsights Ltd

Booth Number: 1004
Activinsights Ltd provides wearable technology for healthcare professionals & academics alike. Activinsights works with professionals, allowing them to educate patients to help improve their overall health through the provision of personalized lifestyle reports. The GENEActiv product range specializes in wrist-worn, raw data accelerometers for public health & sleep actigraphy research in an open source environment.

Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc.

Booth Number: 505
Advanced Brain Monitoring is an industry leader in the development of novel diagnostic and treatment technologies for the sleep medicine field.  Sleep Profiler provides clinicians with an in-home, objective assessment of patients’ sleep architecture, while Night Shift and Apnea Guard deliver therapy to those suffering from sleep apnea.

Airway Management, Inc.

Booth Number: 1006
Airway Management offers products that improve the health and quality of life for people who suffer from sleep-disordered breathing. We are committed to supporting the clinician, health care professional and laboratory technician with high quality products for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea.

Ajinomoto North America, Inc.

Booth Number: 118
Since 1909, Ajinomoto Co. located in Fort Lee, NJ has been a leader in amino acids promoting the health and well-being of people. Ajinomoto continues to develop leading-edge technology to support healthcare professionals and contribute o their patients' health needs. Please visit www.ajihealth-supplements.com, 877-227-2030.

Ambu Inc.

Booth Number: 341
Ambu has been developing and manufacturing electrodes since 1971 and sleep diagnostic products since 1985. We know that sleep professionals need innovative diagnostic tools to help improve the lives of their patients. In short, we help people sleep by promoting excellence in the diagnosis of sleep disorders worldwide.


Booth Number: 734
As a leading national healthcare solutions organization, Amerinet believes the only path that's right for your healthcare facility is the one designed only for you. Amerinet will help you create that path and then follow it confidently with the right mix of tools, guidance and ongoing support. We promise a commitment to listen, create and deliver what no other healthcare solutions organization will: An answer as original as each member we serve.

Anazen Diagnostics LLC

Booth Number: 1022
Anazen ™Diagnostics, LLC is a private Columbus, Ohio based diagnostic medical device company with FDA clearance late 2013 on Anazen FDS (Flow Detection System), Anazen™ FDS enables a highly sensitive, standardized low cost procedure for cardiac shunt assessment that can be performed in a hospital or office setting in about 20 minutes.

Apex Medical Corp.

Booth Number: 313
Apex Medical’s new iCH Auto CPAP machine with integrated heated humidifier looks like a piece of modern technology rather than a medical device. The XT Auto, Prime, Sense and Fit are small, light and quiet CPAP units perfect for travel. Also available are high quality, ultralight WiZARD 220 full face mask. WiZARD 210 nasal mask and WiZARD 230 nasal pillow mask.

Aprima Medical Software, Inc.

Booth Number: 417
Aprima offers a fully integrated, single application, single database practice management/ EHR solution, as well as complete RCM services. Our no-template design is chief-complaint driven with an adaptive learning capability based on your style and habits. To learn more about how Aprima can help your practice, visit www.aprima.com, or email info@aprima.com.

Battery Power Solutions

Booth Number: 903
Improve sleep therapy compliance by giving your patients the freedom to travel with their PAP device when and where they need it. Battery Power Solutions' CPAP Battery Pack provides direct 12V direct current to PAP devices giving users unparalleled freedom to power their device no matter where their world takes them.

Beddit, Ltd

Booth Number: 337
Beddit, Ltd is a global leader in data-driven consumer sleep improvement. Moreover, our user-friendly sensor-and-mobile-device array gives scientists unparalleled long-term, at-home sleep data collection capabilities. Reliable breathing, movement, and heart rate information enables vital insight into patient sleep issues, as well as excellent parameters for the management of athletes' recovery and performance.

BeHealth Solutions, LLC

Booth Number: 120
Provides SHUTi (www.shuti.me), an internet-delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for insomnia program proven in 5 randomized clinical trials. Studies show SHUTi users obtain clinically significant improvements in both sleep and depression, and maintain these improvements at long-term follow-up. Join our no-cost Clinical Program Partners to receive online patient progress reports and notifications. Exclusive provider to the Welltrinsic Sleep Network.

Best Health Services PC

Booth Number: 735
Management of sleep centers. Turn key operations. EMR siestaware. Telemedicine program.

Better Rest Solutions

Booth Number: 731
Better Rest Solutions has developed one of the first automated CPAP sanitizing machine, the SoClean. On a daily basis, CPAP users deal with the inconvenience of having to clean their CPAP equipment in order to maintain compliance. The SoClean’s sanitizing process kills 99.9% CPAP germs without disassembling CPAP mask, hose, or reservoir.

BioModeling Solutions, Inc.

Booth Number: 732
BioModeling Solutions, Inc. is registered with the American Academy of General Dentistry. We provide continuing educational courses for dental professionals as an approved PACE provider. We are committed to ongoing research and development by publishing papers on pneumopedics and craniofacial epigenetics in the peer-reviewed medical and dental literature.


Booth Number: 207
BMC/3B is a global manufacturer of sleep diagnostics and sleep therapy devices. Our line of CPAP, Auto-CPAP, and Bi-Level devices provide full efficacy and compliance data, and work in conjunction with our cloud based patient management system, iCodeConnect. For information contact: info@3bproducts.com.

Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT)

Booth Number: 1027
BRPT is an independent, nonprofit certification board cultivating professional and ethical standards for polysomnographic technologists. BRPT develops, maintains and administers the Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT™) credential and the Certified Polysomnographic Technician (CPSGT) certificate based on best credentialing practices. The RPSGT credential is the leading credential for polysomnographic technologists; BRPT has awarded over 20,000 RPSGT credentials since 1979.

BRAEBON Medical Corporation

Booth Number: 511
BRAEBON has created medical devices for sleep medicine worldwide since 1998, including our unparalleled MediByte® and MediByte Jr® home sleep apnea recorders. High quality sleep sensors include our PVF effort sensors, oronasal cannulae, new family of disposable airflow sensors, RIP effort, new & improved reusable and disposable cTherm cannula thermistors.

Brain Vision, LLC

Booth Number: 1020
Brain Vision LLC offers full service solutions for customized neurophysiological research on infants and adults for sleep and non-sleep settings that include EEG/ERP as well as fNIRS software and hardware, fMRI compatible equipment, stimulation devices (TMS, tDCS, tACS), wireless system applications for passive, active, dry electrodes and accessories.

Cadwell Laboratories, Inc.

Booth Number: 801
Cadwell solutions are numerous. The Easy products provide multi-modality testing for PSG, HST, EEG with in-lab or mobile digital video. The Crossover diagnostic testing center with Murphy bed, exam table and workstation outfitted with Cadwell hardware provides labs with the ability to improve revenues with around the clock testing.

CamNtech, Inc.

Booth Number: 418
CamNtech Ltd. is a leader in designing, manufacturing & supporting Ambulatory Devices used in sleep research. Our product line consist of: Actiheart, Cardio, Actiwave, PRO-Diary, MotionWatch 8, and Actiwatch Mini. By combining ECG and three axis of accelerometry CamNtech set a new standard in sleep & circadian measurement and monitoring.


Booth Number: 825
Help more of your patients improve their quality of life by offering  them CareCredit’s Payment Option. Grow your practice, reduce A/R and increase cash flow.  For patients facing higher deductibles or for those that don’t have insurance CareCredit can help them start treatment immediately with a convenient monthly payment plan.   Your practice gets paid in 2 business days.


Booth Number: 111
CareFusion combines technology and intelligence to measurably improve patient care. Our clinically proven products are designed to help improve the safety and cost of healthcare for generations to come. Some of our most trusted brands include Alaris®, ChloraPrep®, Pyxis®, PleurX®, V. Mueller® and VIASYS.

Choice One Medical

Booth Number: 1019
Manufacturer and distributor of respiratory medical accessories such as Medistrom™ CPAP backup power supply/CPAP battery, CleanzEx™ CPAP mask wipes and Best in Rest™ CPAP pillows.


Booth Number: 1013
Circadiance creates and markets high-performance products to give people the freedom to sleep and breathe in comfort. Our designs have revolutionized the future of positive airway pressure (PAP), and we're continuing to develop new ways to help our customers.

Cleveland Clinic Wellness Enterprise

Booth Number: 733
A driving force in health & prevention, Cleveland Clinic Wellness Enterprise partners with organizations to create a culture of good health & high performance. Focused on changing behavior which improves performance and quality of life, CCWE combines science and proven engagement strategies to improve participants health.


Booth Number: 319
CleveMed is a leader in portable sleep monitoring  and web-based technologies, develops products for sleep disorders diagnosis, including Sapphire PSG™, SleepScout™, SleepView® and SleepView web portal. CleveMed's cloud-based solutions initiate HST from the physician's practice, which is convenient to patients, speeds diagnosis and treatment for providers, and reduces healthcare cost.


Booth Number: 123

See More and Do More™ with Compumedics Sleep Systems. From research level recordings to HST, Compumedics Sleep Systems perform. See our latest innovations including Profusion 4 Sleep software with AASMV2.0 Compliant, GRAEL HD-PSG, SomtePSG and Somte HST Systems. Maximize Sleep Laboratory productivity with the ProFusion nexus Lab Management Software.

Condor Instruments

Booth Number: 823
Condor Instruments is a company that operates in the fields of research, development, and industrialization of solutions for precision instrumentation, with focus in the medical area. We undertake continuous efforts to gather and make available to our customers equipment with cutting edge technology and assured quality.

Contour Products, Inc.

Booth Number: 1005
Contour Products offers high-quality innovations that address specific sleep, comfort, and support needs. Our CPAPmax pillow and accessories make using CPAP therapy easier. The CPAPmax pillow has pressure-free zones that cradle the mask, minimizing leakage and reducing issues such as dry eyes and mouth. Our portfolio includes pillowcases in 5 great colors, all-natural wipes for mask cleaning and hose covers.

CPAP Comfort Cover, LLC

Booth Number: 335
CPAP Comfort Covers ™ are a soft absorbent fabric barrier between the CPAP mask and the skin. They help reduce both skin irritation and air leakage. Latex-free elastic holds the cover in place on the mask. The covers may be laundered and reused over and over.


Booth Number: 434
CureMd is a leading provider of Cloud based HER, practice management and revenue cycle management services to transform the administrative and clinical operations of healthcare organizations of all sizes. Our award winning solutionssimplify decision-making, sreamline operations and ensure compliance with industry standards and best practices - ultimately saving time and effort to maximize value and returns.

DeVilbiss Healthcare

Booth Number: 413
DeVilbiss Healthcare is a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of medical products that address the respiratory needs of patients in institutional and homecare settings. DeVilbiss products are manufactured primarily in the United States and are distributed in more than 100 countries around the world.

Dymedix Diagnostics, Inc.

Booth Number: 821
Dymedix Diagnostics is focused on advancing the SCIENCE OF SLEEP™ by designing innovative diagnostic sleep sensors and electrodes for sleep studies. Dymedixs patented PDVF technology provides you with accurate and reliable PSG data. Our TriplePlay™ product line is the one of the biggest advancements in Airflow sensing in 15 years.

Elsevier Inc.

Booth Number: 901
Elsevier is a leading publisher of health science publications, advancing medicine by delivering superior reference information and decision support tools to doctors, nurses, health practitioners and students. With an extensive media spectrum — print, online and handheld, we are able to supply the information you need in the most convenient format.

Enovative Technologies

Booth Number: 1017
Ingenuity for a better life. Enovative Technologies designs products that help improve people's lives. Our brands focus on enhancing comfort, well-being and convenience for our consumers.

Ez Sleep

Booth Number: 614
Ez Sleep™ is a leading national provider of diagnostic home sleep testing services. We are focused on bridging the gap and meeting the needs of both the medical and dental communities and through our strategic partnerships, we are proud to offer our Ez Sleep System™ a proven comprehensive end-to-end solution for practices to screen, test and treat patients.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Booth Number: 915
Fisher & Paykel is a leading innovator that excels in the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). We offer a comprehensive range of CPAP devices, masks and humidifiers that deliver sleep performance for an energized lifestyle.

Frantz Design Inc. - Myerson Tooth Co.

Booth Number: 106
The EMA Oral Appliance from Myerson increases airway space by advancing the mandible using interchangeable straps. FDA cleared for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, EMA's patient friendly design offers advantages not found in other oral appliances.

General Sleep Corporation

Booth Number: 923
General Sleep Corporation is a medical device company operating since 1992. The company specializes in designing and developing medical devices which use electroencephalography (EEG) in a variety of healthcare applications, such as anesthesiology and sleep medicine. We hold a number of patents in the area of insomnia treatment, EEG signal processing and signal acquisition.

Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd.

Booth Number: 905
For over 20 years, Great Lakes has been providing effective, clinically proven sleep appliances, diagnostic tools, and technical support to dentists for their patients with snoring and OSA. Stop by our booth to see the new Narval CC™ - the first and only CAD/CAM custom made MRD.

Hawaiian Moon

Booth Number: 441
Say goodbye to dry skin with Hawaiian Moon organic aloe cream!

Hsiner Co., Ltd.

Booth Number: 643
HSINER is a leading manufacturer and exporter in Taiwan, specializing in respiratory, emergency care, anesthesia and sleep apnea products. Hsiner is certified with ISO13485, CMDCAS ISO 13485, and CE. We manufacture complete in house to control of all the processes in the manufacturing and to provide products with consistent quality.

ImageHawk, Inc. 

Booth Number: 740
Helping People…Help People! That is our mission and our commitment. The RestEZ Practice Automation System is the embodiment of that commitment to help you help your patients. We have a passion for creating success stories, and more importantly, we share and understand your passion for caring for people.

ImThera Medical, Inc.

Booth Number: 315

Indigo Arc

Booth Number: 530
Indigo Arc Medical Systems offers robust, cloud-based Sleep Practice Management and Workflow solutions. The Sleep Lab Management (SLaM) platform is a cloud-based, pay as you go platform with features including patient health records, patient portal, staff/lab scheduling, clinic scheduling/records, scoring support, online interpretations, archiving, practice performance dashboard and reports, integrated portals (patient, referring physician, lab partner, scoring partner), integrated DME modules and referral tracking capabilities.

Infinite Therapeutics

Booth Number: 921
The Infinity IT 8800 offers state of the art roller foot technology, thigh & hip massage, an amazing spinal decompression stretch, customized targeted massage, lumbar heat and music. Endless luxury, Ultimate Massage.

Inspire Medical Systems, Inc.

Booth Number: 620
Inspire Medical Systems, Inc. is a leading developer of implantable neurostimulation systems to treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Utilizing well established technologies from cardiac pacing and neurostimulation, Inspire developed a proprietary Upper Airway Stimulation (UAS) therapy designed to improve sleep and enrich the lives of people suffering from this challenging condition.

iSideSleep by Squire Sleep Systems

Booth Number: 1029
iSideSleep delivers a superior sleep using a revolutionary sleep surface shaped to fit the human body. We reinvented the bed to optimally reposition the body into an inclined side-sleep position. It eliminates pressure points and reduces pain for the shoulder, back and neck while sleeping.

Itamar Medical

Booth Number: 608
Itamar Medical develops state-of-the-art biomedical products based on peripheral arterial tone (PAT®) a platform signal for obstructive sleep apnea. The WatchPAT™ is a home sleep test utilizing innovative technology and accurate screening. The WatchPAT's sleep breathing indices are based on true sleep time improving accuracy. The Cloud-PAT™ application allows for remote interpretation and reporting. The WatchPAT™ is simple, accurate and reliable.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Booth Number: 635
Jazz Pharmaceuticals is a specialty biopharmaceutical company focused on improving patients' lives by identifying, developing and commercializing differentiated products that address unmet medical needs. The company has a diverse portfolio of products and/or product candidates in the areas of sleep, hematology/oncology, pain and psychiatry.  For more information please visit booth #635.
Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Kaiser Permanente - Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group

Booth Number: 336
Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group seeks two BE/BC Pulmonologists with sleep training for our DC/Suburban Maryland and Baltimore service areas.

KEGO Corporation

Booth Number: 540
KEGO Corporation is an international distributor of sleep and neurodiagnostic supplies. With locations in the USA and Canada, KEGO is your "One Stop Shop", representing manufacturers from around the globe. Call KEGO today to receive your 2015 catalogs. USA 1-800-600-1390 Canada 1-866-862-7328

Kettering National Seminars

Booth Number: 416
Kettering National Seminars provides examination reviews and continuing education for healthcare practitioners.  We conduct review programs for credentialing examinations in sleep technology, respiratory care, pulmonary function testing, asthma education, cardiovascular technology, and radiologic technology.  Home study programs are available for practitioners who prefer to study at their own pace.

LifeWatch Services, Inc.

Booth Number: 512
For over 20 years, LifeWatch Services, Inc. has helped physicians diagnose, treat and improve the health outcomes of millions of patients through remote cardiac monitoring and home sleep test technologies and services. Access to comprehensive analytics and secure EMR interoperability allows earlier physician intervention.


Booth Number: 737
Lucimed markets medical devices in the area of light and well-being. The corporation was created in 2005, following three years of research at the University of Liege. The researchers (Dr. Renotte, Dr. Poirrier and Dr. Moreau) got together to develop a light therapy device more ergonomic than existing systems, to improve patient comfort and consistency of use. 

Luco Hybrid OSA Appliance Inc.

Booth Number: 116
Luco Hybrid OSA Appliance Inc. is located in Kingston, Ontario. The Luco Hybrid OSA Appliance is an FDA market cleared mandibular advancement appliance for the treatment of primary snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. It is clinically verified, comfortable and very effective in treatment.

Merck (Merck Sharp and Dohme a subsidiary of Merck and Co. Inc.)

Booth Number: 817

Today's Merck is working to help the world be well. Through our medicines, vaccines, biologic therapies, and consumer and animal products, we work with customers and operate in more that 140 countries to deliver innovative health solutions.

Merck (Merck Sharp and Dohme a subsidiary of Merck and Co. Inc.)

Booth Number: 918

Today's Merck is working to help the world be well. Through our medicines, vaccines, biologic therapies, and consumer and animal products, we work with customers and operate in more that 140 countries to deliver innovative health solutions.

MGC Diagnostics

Booth Number: 813
MGC Diagnostics®- a global medical technology company that is dedicated to diagnostic solutions for detecting, classifying, and managing cardiorespiratory disease. As the exclusive US and Canadian distributor of Sleep Virtual® BWII PSG and BW3 PSG/EEG systems, MGC Diagnostics offers comprehensive diagnostic systems for your COPD, asthma and sleep apnea patients.

MVAP Medical Supplies, Inc.

Booth Number: 117
MVAP Medical Supplies, Inc. offers a large selection of supplies for sleep disorders testing. By providing superior customer service and technical service combined with unbeatable pricing, we are able to give 100% satisfaction to our customers. Order online or call toll free.

Narcolepsy Network, Inc.

Booth Number: 112
Narcolepsy Network is a patient support organization for people with narcolepsy, their families, friends and treating professionals. We advocate increase awareness, provide education and support research. Activities include an annual conference, support groups, website, newsletters and presentations.

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Booth Number: 332 
The mission of the NHLBI is to provide global leadership for a research, training, and education program to promote the prevention and treatment of heart, lung, blood diseases, and sleep disorders and enhance the health of all individuals so that they can live longer and more fulfilling lives.

Natus Neurology Incorporated

Booth Number: 201
Natus presents a comprehensive line of laboratory and home sleep diagnostic and high-level disinfection systems. Our REMbrandt™, RemLogic™ , Sandman®, SleepWorks™  Nicolet and Grass PSG applications, along with our family of PSG/EEG amplifiers and Enterprise Data Management, provide exceptional diagnostic options. Ask about our Embletta MPR family of scalable amplifiers.

NeuroOn by Intelclinic

Booth Number: 516
The NeuroOn is a comprhensive sleep device that allows consumers to have access to tools necessary to conduct proper sleep stage monitoring, and to improve sleep quality thanks to the Bright Light Therapy.

Nihon Kohden America, Inc.

Booth Number: 215
Nihon Kohden offers unsurpassed quality amplifiers and scalable network-based software solutions needed to meet the changing demands of today’s sleep field.  Whether your needs require OCST, portable polysomnography, lab-based PSGs or research grade diagnostic equipment, visit our booth and see how Nihon Kohden is providing different thinking for better healthcare.

OASYS Dream Systems

Booth Number: 1009
OASYS Dream Systems specializes in oral appliance for sleep apnea and is the developer of the OASYS oral/nasal airway aystem, which provides mandibular advancement, nasal dilation and tongue repositioning. The new OASYS TMA-10 is sleep lab titratable. Dream Systems is Medicare E0486 Lab and offers combination therapy options.

Otto Trading, Inc.

Booth Number: 437
Manufacturer and distributor of hand-held portable digital massage device, TENS unit.

Ouraring Inc.

Booth Number: 1025
Oura is a revolutionary ring that measures your body's response to sleep, rest, and active life. It provides actionable guidance, helping you to be at your best.


Booth Number: 541
Improving adherence to CPAP therapy through education, encouragement and soft padding products, PAD A CHEEK is helping people sleep more comfortably and wake rested. We design and manufactured pads of all sorts to prevent irritation and facial marks increasing the comfort of any CPAP interface. Come see how we can help your patients sleep better.

Panthera Dental

Booth Number: 509
Headquartered in Quebec City, Canada, Panthera Dental is a world leader in CAD/CAM prosthetic implant solutions and dental sleep appliances. The rapid growth of the company is based on the values that are very dear to us, namely highly attentive customer care, quality products, as well as innovation, and on its collaboration with many key opinion leaders in the dentistry field.

Pernix Therapeutics

Booth Number: 412
Pernix Therapeutics is a specialty pharmaceutical business with a focus on developing and commercializing innovative products for specialist audiences in the US. Pernix currently focuses its promotional efforts in the areas of CNS, including neurology and psychiatry. Pernix’s core strengths include the acquisition, development, sales and marketing of specialty products.


Booth Number:  435
Phasya offers innovative solutions for objective and automatic measurement of drowsiness and measurement of ocular parameters. These solutions are developed for research, medical and industrial applications with aim of improving health and safety.

Pinnacle Technology Inc.

Booth Number: 1024
Pinnacle Technology offers turn-key EEG/EMG systems for preclinical studies. Modular optogenetics, biosensor, illuminator, sleep deprivation/fragmentation and synchronized video software and hardware can be easily integrated into the base systems, and innovative software simplifies recording, data visualization and sleep scoring. In addition, real-time analysis is available for event driven paradigms.

PPIC, a Coverys Company

Booth Number: 521
PPIC, a Coverys Company, is a nationwide provider of professional liability insurance and related products and services.  We are the endorsed professional liability provider for Welltrinsic and offer a competitive professional liability program with complimentary CME, as related to Clinical Loss Prevention, for their members.

Precision Toxicology

Booth Number: 333
Precision Toxicology is an innovative specialty medication adherence and substance abuse monitoring company employing industry leading clinical laboratory technology and robotic automation to ensure accuracy. Precision Toxicology specializes in quantitative confirmation urine drug testing designed to monitor patients on chronic opioid therapy that can help improve patient compliance and help protect your practice.


Booth Number: 433
Radiometer is a world leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of non-invasive transcutaneous technologically related the sleep arena. TcpCO2 measurements are useful in assessing present or suspected pediatric/adult sleep disorders. Our transcutaneous platform is compatible with leading polysomnographs and major patient management systems.


Booth Number: 518
The Relaxis™ device is one of the only FDA-cleared, non-pharmacological solution for improving quality of sleep in primary restless legs syndrome (RLS) patients. Relaxis supplies controlled, targeted vibratory counterstimulation that overwhelms RLS sensations, allowing sufferers to remain in bed as they address their symptoms and fall asleep without further sleep disruption.


Booth Number: 1021
Naturs Design, Inc. owns the patent, FDA-exempt medical product, RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners. RemZzzs is a disposable cotton liner worn with a PAP (positive air pressure) mask and provides the following benefits to its users:  Eliminates and/or reduces noisy air leaks and skin irritations, absorbs facial moisture and oil, promotes a comfortable full night of sleep…for patient and partner.  (Ask about our new Nasal Pillow Liners)


Booth Number: 623
ResMed changes lives by developing medical equipment for treating and managing sleep-disordered breathing and respiratory disorders. Through 25 years of innovation, we have pioneered solutions to improve the health of those suffering from these conditions while raising awareness about the consequences of untreated sleep-disordered breathing. For more information, visit www.resmed.com.


Booth Number: 1000
RespiTec is the creator of the ultimate nasal dilator, one of the simplest and most effective nasal dilator on the market. The Ultimate Nasal Dilator is reusable, easy to wear, and is the only fully adjustable nasal dilator. Our device is not only recommended by physicians but used by them as well.


Booth Number: 536
Worn like a pair of glasses, Re-Timer is an evidence-based light therapy device to adjust the circadian rhythm. The University-developed device is used by sleep clinics to assist shift workers, frequent flyers, insomnia or winter blues sufferers. Wear Re-Timer for 30 minutes to re-time your circadian rhythm.

Rhinomed Ltd.

Booth Number: 340
Rhinomed is a medical technology company with a patented nasal technology platform that seeks to radically improve the way you breathe, sleep, maintain your health and take medication. Rhinomed has launched Mute, a nasal technology that is designed to allow you to improve your sleep quality by breathing more and snoring less.

RT/ Sleep Review

Booth Number: 110
RT: serves the clinical/hospital respiratory marketing by providing clinical information, trends, practical insights, tips and product news. Sleep Review: serves the clinical/sleep lab market by providing information about all aspects of sleep medicine on diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. Content is available both digitally and in print.


Booth Number: 618
Salimetrics provides innovative salivary tools, testing services for investigators studying health, drug-discovery, behavior and development across the lifespan. Study design consultation and collaborative services are available.

SAMINA Healthy Sleep & Organic Beds

Booth Number: 436
SAMINA sleep systems are based on years of sleep medicine research and address all aspects of healthy sleep including the orthopedic needs of your back and sleep hygiene. Hand-crafted exclusively from natural and organic materials, the bed is metal- and chemical-free encouraging deep, restful, health sleep. SAMINA is sleep in tis most natural form.

Sanostec Corp

Booth Number: 507
SANOSTEC develops, manufactures and distributes Sinus Cones® l Max-Air Nose Cones®; soft, ergonomic nasal airway relief aids that are patented, latex-free, hypoallergenic and reusable. The Cones stent open the nasal airway to maximize inspiratory flow for snoring relief, or as adjunct therapy to aid CPAP and OA compliance for OSA.

Sentec, by Master Distributor Bemes, Inc.

Booth Number: 519
The Sentec Monitor provides accurate, continuous, non-invasive “real time” monitoring of patient PCO2, where studies correlate closely to PACO2; utilizing the “V-Sign II Sensor”, one of the world’s only digital transcutaneous sensor.  Through accurate real time monitoring and patient trend memory, we can better assess patient ventilation and oxygenation in all clinical settings.

Seven Dreamers Laboratories, Inc.

Booth Number: 223
Seven Dreamers Laboratories is a “motion analysis company” which develops innovative technologies and products aimed at improving people’s lifestyle.  Nastent, one of our products, is a medical device designed for the treatment of sleep apnea syndrome and snoring.  Nastent alleviates breathing difficulty during sleep by preventing obstruction of nasal airways.

Sleep Multimedia, Inc.

Booth Number: 414
SleepMultiMedia version 9.0 is a computerized textbook of sleep medicine with text, sound, graphics, animation, and video. Updated annually, the program covers sleep research, sleep physiology, and clinical sleep medicine, including orofacial management of sleep apnea. SleepMultiMedia features over 5,000 Abstracts, 140 CME credits, extensive information on polysomnography, and an updated sleep center policy and procedure manual.

Sleep Shepherd, LLC

Booth Number: 114
The Sleep Shepherd® is the first at-home sleep device that monitors your brainwaves in real time and uses a biofeedback loop to help you fall asleep quickly through the use of specially engineered tones. The hat is made of stretchable and breathable fabric with built-in sensors and hi-fidelity speakers

Sleep Source Alliance

Booth Number: 909
In Office Oral Appliance Solutions for YOUR practice.  SomnoGuard Oral Appliances may be provided and custom fit by your staff & are  titratable in your lab!! Surgical Solutions for OSA: Encore Adjustable Hyoid/Tongue Suspension. HST Service: IDTF with Watch-pat 200. eOs Sleep/Docero Marketing, Branding and Practice Development. 

Sleep Strategies, Inc.

Booth Number: 317
Sleep Strategies is a leading provider of sleep scoring services. We play a key role in the successful growth of leading hospitals and private sleep disorder laboratories. We achieve this through our ongoing commitment to superior quality, affordability and exceeding customer expectations.

SleepEx LabRetriever

Booth Number: 631
LabRetriever is the web-based sleep practice management platform by SleepEx. Designed for single-site to enterprise class laboratory networks, LabRetiever provides one of the most interoperable solution in the sleep industry. Users can efficiently manage patient scheduling, referrals, physician review, reporting, messaging, HST and DME fulfillment to deliver high quality patient care.

SleepMed Inc.

Booth Number: 640
SleepMed is committed to improving the health and quality of life of those who suffer from sleep disorders and raising awareness about the benefits of healthy sleep. We're the largest private sleep diagnostics provider and the largest ambulatory EEG provider in the nation. Our hospital-based, physician-based and freestanding care sites have been helping American's sleep better since 1999. 


Booth Number: 1003
For over 20 years SLP has been introducing innovative and high quality diagnostic sensors into sleep labs worldwide. The SleepSense line of sleep diagnostic sensors is designed to offer more accurate signal readings, higher durability, and better patient compliance.


Booth Number: 730
SleepWorks is one of the largest providers of sleep laboratory management services in the US, performing more than 36,000 sleep studies annually throughout 15 states. For more than 15 years, SleepWorks has provided hospitals and physicians practices innovative solutions to serve the sleep testing needs of their patients. SleepWorks' integrated management solution delivers a technology-driven approach to patient care.

Slumberbumb, LLC

Booth Number: 432
At Slumberbump™ we're always amazed at how good sleep changes lives for the better. We have made it our mission to advance that simple premise. We seek simple solutions to age-old problems. As a result we're able to provide comfortable, affordable products aimed at a better night's sleep for all.

SnuggleHose, LLC

Booth Number: 1011
SnuggleHose is the original designer of soft, colorful fleece covers for CPAP hoses! We also have SnuggleStraps to eliminate red marks caused by mask straps. We offer aromatherapy products, hypo-allergenic headgear, pediatric animal ears, and weighted blankets for a full line of amazing comfort products. Every Hose Should Have A SnuggleHose!

SomnoMed, Inc. 

Booth Number: 103
SomnoMed is the global leader in COAT™ (Continuous Open Airway Therapy), and has innovated OSA treatment options since 2004. Our world class devices are designed with patient comfort as a priority, and we are proud to have the best support and service system for our dentists and patients. Learn more at www.somnomed.com or call 888-447-6673.


Booth Number: 216
SOMNOmedics designs, manufactures, distributes and services products dedicated to sleep diagnostics. Our products are utilized for a variety of sleep related tests and comply with AASM standards. SOMNOmedics devices are small, light-weight and patient-worn. They are upgradeable at any time and compatible with in lab diagnostics and home sleep testing.

Somna Therapeutics LLC

Booth Number: 330
Founded in March 2012 in partnership with the Medical College of Wisconsin, Somna Therapeutics is a medical device company focused on improving the quality of life for millions of people suffering from acid reflux into the throat and lungs with the FDA-cleared, clinically proven REZA Band ® UES Assist Device.  Visit www.rezaband.com.

Somnoware Healthcare Systems, Inc.

Booth Number: 423
Somnoware brings sleep medicine to the cloud and provides an unprecedented level of informational access to each sleep disorder stakeholder. Our integrated workflow management platform improves efficiencies and productivity, simplifies communication, and ensures compliance resulting in lower operational costs and improved patient care.

Theravent Inc.

Booth Number: 331
Theravent Inc. is dedicated to providing simple, clinically proven solutions to effectively treat sleep disordered breathing. Theravent's unique line of clinically-proven medical devices use nasal Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) technology, featured in Provent© Sleep Apnea Therapy and, new OTC treatment, Theravent™ Advanced Nightly Snore Therapy.


Booth Number: 1015
The UP LIGHT offers affordable light supplement wake-up solutions to aid in resetting sleep phases, reduce morning sluggishness, and improve daily productivity. Our connected products provide very simple set up and integrate seamlessly into the home while offering portability when traveling.

TSI Healthcare

Booth Number: 736
TSI Healthcare, founded in 1997, is a national leader in the sales and support of customized NextGen® Practice Management and electronic health record solutions for pulmonary and sleep medicine.  TSI Healthcare’s solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of pulmonary & sleep medicine practices through specialty specific content, unmatched services, and award winning software.  TSI Healthcare offers patient portal, revenue cycle management, and cloud hosting.

University of Tennessee Physician Executive MBA Program

Booth Number: 440
The University of Tennessee's #1 preferred Physician Executive MBA program is an internationally accredited MBA offered exclusively for physicians seeking leadership skills and knowledge. This 1-year long physician MBA incorporates: four one-week-long residency periods, live internet-based distance learning, physician leader alumni network, CME, and a personalized leadership development program.

Wake Up Narcolepsy, Inc.

Booth Number: 907
Wake Up Narcolepsy is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting narcolepsy awareness and research to find a cure. WUN carries out its mission by: Providing funding to accelerated a cure for narcolepsy, Increasing awareness of narcolepsy, Decreasing time-lapse from symptom onset to proper diagnosis, and Providing supportive resources for people with narcolepsy and their families.

Weaver and Company

Booth Number: 431
Weaver and Company‘s Nuprep® Skin Prep Gel lowers impedance to improve electrode tracings. Its mild abrasive formula improves conductivity and helps achieve maximum efficiency with equipment. Ten20®Conductive Paste contains the right balance of adhesiveness and conductivity enabling the electrodes to remain in place while allowing the transmittance of electrical signals.

Whole You, Inc. 

Booth Number: 430
Whole You is a Mitsui Chemicals company commited to offering solutions that allow those with sensory and physical mobility challenges to live life to the fullest. With the recent acquisitions of Respire Medical, Whole You will offer innovative oral applainces to treat sleep apnea.

World Association of Sleep Medicine

Booth Number: 334
WASM's mission is to advance sleep health worldwide. WASM fulfils this mission by promoting and encouraging education, research and patient care. Our 7th World Congress on Sleep Medicine in Prague, Czech Republic will bring together sleep clinicians and researchers to discuss advances made in sleep research and clinical knowledge.

XenoPort, Inc.

Booth Number: 323
XenoPort, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing a portfolio of internally discovered product candidates for the potential treatment of neurological disorders. XenoPort is currently commercializing Horizant® (gabapentin enacarbil) Extended-Release Tablets in the United States, and developing a novel fumaric acid ester product candidate, XP23829, as a potential treatment for RRMS and/or psoriasis.

Zephyr Sleep Technologies

Booth Number: 819
Zephyr is a product development company that researches, develops, manufactures and sells innovative and scientifically-validated medical devices, therapeutics and technologies to improve sleep. Specializing in sleep-disordered breathing, Zephyr's products are used world-wide by sleep labs, technicians, physicians, dentists and leading-edge sleep researchers.
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